Doug (D.R.)  

Tour guide to the Kardashians & Michael Buble!


“D.R. (Doug) was AMAZING!” 

Doug came to us after 5 years as a VIP tour guide at Universal Studios. He has written for show biz publications like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, IndieWire and the Music Connection. He can also be spotted on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and as William Shatner’s “stand in” in the Michael Buble Christmas Special driving the Ultimate Hollywood Tours van.

Honeymoon Hollywood Tour

Doug (DR) was our tour guide for our Hollywood tour and he did a fabulous job! He had a great personality and answered all of our silly questions about the stars. First we made a stop at the Hollywood Sign for pictures. It was great to be able to get out of the van for better photos. We drove through the hills to different celebrity homes. Doug was knowledgeable about all things celebrity. Doug dropped us off at a great restaurant for a late lunch. I highly recommend this tour and Doug as a tour guide!!!

FANTASTIC TOUR - the highlight of our LA trip

We were unsure about what to expect when booking the tour. However, as soon as the tour started- Doug, or DR- our host started the most entertaining 2 hours. He was HILARIOUS and both my husband and my two kids absolutely loved it. We are still talking about it weeks later...You should definitely do this tour at the start of your time in LA as it really gives you a sense of the size and layout of LA- which is HUGE. Thanks DR for making us laugh so much and for a brilliant 2 hours!!!

Great tour!

We had a blast and got to see some really awesome sights! We even saw Gene Simmons! D.R. was a very entertaining, funny tour guide!

D.R. was Awesome!!!

D.R. was awesome!!! He is a very nice guy and very talented! He sang, told jokes, and very knowledgeable of stars, movies and music. He definitely is a lady's man because he likes to watch chic flicks movies. I enjoyed the ride and the sceneries of Los Angeles. Thank you D.R. for making my visit enjoyable. Stay AWESOME!!!!


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